Pirate Fun


The final week of our map unit included some pirate themed activities. Maps and pirates – they just kind of go together. We read several pirate books, including Pirate Mark, which focused on the ‘ar’ sound. The kindergartners went on an ‘ar’ word treasure hunt and then enjoyed an ‘ar’ treat – parfaits. Yum!

We learned about the cardinal directions shown on a map’s compass rose, so to help us remember them we made a pirate compass rose. The pirate’s nose is an “N” for north. We made his or her left hand form a sign language “E” for east. His or her shoelace made an “S” for south and the right hand formed a sign language “W” for west.

We finished the week with a fun pirate day! Some of the kindergartners, Mrs. White, and Duck dressed up as pirates. All of our class activities were pirate related. We played a popcorn word “walk the plank” game and a pirate math game.

We continued to work on our map skills when we followed a map to find treasure on the playground.


The kindergartners chanted, “We found the treasure” all the way back to the building.

Our final activity for the day was to make an “island” snack. That was a great way to end an aarghfully fun day!

First Day of Kindergarten


The 2019-2020 school year has begun and the kindergartners were very excited! We started the year off with some first day of kindergarten pictures.

We worked on learning our schedule and classroom routines. We talked about rules that would make our class run smoothly. Here they are:

  • Rule #1 – Listen when your teacher is talking.
  • Rule #2 – Follow directions quickly.
  • Rule #3 – Keep your hands and feet to yourself.
  • Rule #4 – Raise your hand to speak or stand.
  • Rule #5 – Respect others, respect yourself, respect our school!

We made banners for our cubbies. The kindergartners glued letters to spell their names and then decorated the banners with markers.

The kindergartners also drew first day of kindergarten pictures of themselves and wrote their names. We’ll get to see how much their drawing and handwriting skills change and develop throughout the year.

I introduced them to our fun “brain break” time that we will do on most days. They already love GoNoodle!